A bit about me

I’ve always lived in creative places and spaces, my Mum was a very clever sewer and baker for all my brothers and sisters (I come from a family of nine!) and my Dad could fix anything, from the tractor to the dent I made in the car when first learning to drive! I grew up on a farm and had a busy happy childhood where laughter was a part of everyday life. When I was eight Mum and Dad bought me a old sewing machine that you had to work by turning the handle and my older sister bought me some fabric and a pattern and taught me how to make myself a dress, I still remember that dress vividly it was green with a square neck, belt and buttons on the yoke!

As children we were always allowed to play and make things with scraps of fabric and encouraged for our efforts, I certainly believe this is why I’m so happy and comfortable with fabric fibers and textiles. I also believe that not always following pattern, has given me the skills to overcome the scary prospect of doing the wrong thing and creating something different.

Of course this doesn’t apply to making serious clothing, I’ll never forget when my daughter asked if I would like to make her wedding dress, (thinking I could make anything!!) and I had to explain, that her mother, was only clever in certain fields of sewing, not in sewing a light weight jersey knit, cut on the bias, into a beautiful flowing wedding gown! Thank goodness she decided to go to a very clever professional who made a wonderful job!

Very often I see a small piece of odd shaped fabric and am just itching to make something with it! I love old woolen fabric and often source ‘pre loved’ textiles to play with.  I find it very easy to create something, the hardest part of my work is to develop it into a pattern so I can teach others how to make it, but the more I do, the easier it becomes and as I just love teaching and sharing my designs so Ill keep making the patterns.

Many girls from the classes have become valued friends, it’s such a privilege to be in their company, stay in their homes, share in their family lives.
To share a common interest with someone breaks down any barriers and in my case is the cause of many fun days and nights shared with my friends.