Danika & Rocco
Danika & Rocco

Danika & Rocco

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Danika stands about 40 cm tall (16″) and is always accompanied by her ‘scary’ dog Rocco

Danika, (meaning morning star) comes from Taumaranui where her grandparents settled after immigrating to New Zealand. She was brought up on a sheep station where she mustered sheep on horseback and bagged manure for pocket money.
Locally known as ‘The Marchioness’ possibly as her advice is given freely and she has quite a strong disposition, but she also has a large degree of kindness and is a hard worker.
Rocco, (of very questionable breeding) was found marauding at her boundary fence, she fell in love with his cute face, adopted him, registered him, micro chipped him and he had a small operation, he’s not quite forgiven her for that! but they have become constant companions. He protects her from wild beasts and only does trivial misdeeds when he feels ignored.