Emma & Pandora

Emma & Pandora

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Emma sits about 12 ins (31 cm) high and has with her, her pet pig Pandora.

Emma loves her little ‘bacon seed’ Pandora, they live on a small lifestyle block with 2 cows and 4 hens North West of Taihape. Pandora has her own bed by the fireplace, (it did belong to old Jip, and still has a slight doggie smell) but she loves it there and feels secure in the knowledge that Jip died of old age.
Emma and Pandora often read thrillers together at midnight, actually Emma does the reading, Pandora’s slightly scared witless, but comforted by Emma’s warm hands, wool skirt and droning voice ….although it’s very hard to sleep when Emma finally closes the book and goes upstairs to bed, that’s when she dreams of Jip and lets the hens in the back door to share her bed.