Fennella the Mermaid

Fennella the Mermaid

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Fennella is about 12″ (31cm) from her head to her bottom. She is made of velour and your choice of cotton or silk.

Fennella is slightly cheeky, a bit sassy, and good fun as well as a loyal friend.
Fennella the Mermaid was born in the Pacific Ocean and spends most of her time swimming, sunbathing, chatting with friends and shopping for designer accessories to add to their outfits.
They pick up abandoned shells from the ocean floor to polish and file into jewellery, while basking in the Sun on the rocks. These they sell on Market days which are held every Thursday evening from 6.37pm to 10.05pm.
Mermaids also the wild stormy seas and if you listen carefully you can hear them singing and calling to each other as the waves crash about them throwing them up in the air so they can dive back into the water. This is like an adventure sport, particularly to the teenagers.
Some mermaids have been known to rescue shipwrecked sailors, they usually keep them for a few days to play with before returning them safely to dry land.