Fishy Flossie

Fishy Flossie

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Fishy Flossie stands about 16″ (40cm) tall, decorated to the nines with her catch of the day. On days when the fish smell is too much, or she’s off to Harrods, she wears her little knitted hat – pattern included.

Fishy Flossie is a very keen fisherwoman, something her friends have known for years. It all started 15 years ago when she dived into the sea to try and catch a fish, she missed the fish, knocked her knee on a rock, was stung by a jelly fish and bitten by a crab! To many this may seem as a bad omen, but her boyfriend at the time bought her a fishing rod and she has slept with it beside the bed ever since!
Today has been amazing, heading home with a full quota, her apron holds the herrings, a snapper under one arm, the rod in the other, she decides to gut the tuna to carry it back to her Hillman Minx on her head.