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Hi everyone, at last!! A full pattern and instructions for the iconic Joylene! She sits at about 44cm or 18" high

She is one of my early designs, and I've only ever taught her in classes, throughout New Zealand and Australia. At those classes, students received a basic pattern and a few small diagrams, then I showed them how to put pieces together and sculpt her. 

Please check our new video section where you will find my best tips on how to sculpt faces, arms and hands.

Drawing, diagrams and labelling this pattern has been a huge task, but I'm thrilled to be able to share her now with everyone and I know you will have a heap of fun making her.

She looks great in any skin colour, hair colour and stunning in bright clothing.

Joylene has been my most favourite pattern ever to teach, everyone achieves a great result, with quite a few laughs along the journey, I guarantee you'll make her a friend! She actually inspired my business name of Slightly Weathered Ladies.

I've seen people make her into an opera singer, chef, barmaid, racehorse trainer, blonde bomb shell, concert pianist, a stunning redhead, a pirate, even the Queen and many, many more. She has so much attitude, I wish you could have seen all the photos! 

I'd LOVE to see your interpretation of her, please send me a photo!