Leo and Queenie

Leo and Queenie

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Leo is 36cm (14”) tall, Queenie is about 50cm or 19” long

Leo lives on a farm in the outback near a river, it's a 10 hour drive in the old Toyota to the city. He travels there twice a year to buy a donut, see a movie and fill the truck with petrol.

He met Queenie when swimming a couple of years ago and they became good buddies, often spending their afternoons walking along the river bank, Leo throws sticks into the   water and Queenie retrieves them. Sometimes, for a change, Leo takes Queenie to the travelling carnival, they ride the dodgems, eat candy floss, check out the coloured lights and return home happy, stomachs full and tired.

Sometimes people are a little scared of Queenie but she only eats really mean bullies.’