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Leonora and Lily stand about 20 ins (50 cm) tall.

This is Leonora and her identical mate Lily. (I was going to call her Leone but I cherish the relationship I have with my sister-in-law!) She will never guess that she inspired this classy slim lady with a flourish of charm, an abundance of kindness, nosy as hell and more than a dash of humor!
Leonora and Lily run counselling services and holiday camps for their older nieces and nephews spending much of their time listening and advising them on any life skill they may have missed, teaching them to shop, dress, travel safely, sing and argue strongly when necessary.
The girls are designed as ‘slightly weathered’ strong and interestingly determined women – a design you can really personalize by using totally different fabrics, hair or color combinations. The lips are to die for!!
As original ‘girlfriend birthday presents’ go, this one would be a winner!