Maisie and Meredith Mouse

Maisie and Meredith Mouse

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Maisie stands about 15″ (33cm) tall, her body is made of velour, has wired legs, small patterned lightweight fabrics for her clothes, felt for hat, shoes and Mouse. The fun is in the detail like the little knitted trim, tiny handbag and the twisted wire mouse legs.

A marvellous little angelic Granny with her lucky mascot Meredith Mouse. She is a cheerful, enchanting and slightly eccentric with her thin legs, daisy stitched slippers, cosy cape and grey hair kept in a bun under her knitted/felt hat.
Maisie was a former marshal of the Fire Dept, plays the mandolin, makes her own sausages, lives in a quaint old penthouse and is particularly curious but never meddlesome.
Meredith has a tricky conduct, is prone to melodrama but able to charm even a hardened pessimist!